Smart Soft Materials

Innovative smart material sensors, actuators or generators all start off with the development of electrically or magnetically controllable elastomer or piezo-electric materials and suspensions. Years of experience and accumulated expertise help CeSMa provide customized solutions to match any targeted property range, processing requirement or available budget.

As modern high-tech elastomer material, silicone plays a special part in the development. Silicone allows to combine the properties of glass with those of traditional organic polymers in a most unique way and so offers an excellent potential to shape such properties as temperature resistance, chemical stability and transparency.

Also, electro- and magnetorheological fluids can be made to match specific system requirements. Their electric or rheological properties will be characterized and respective demonstrators subjected to mechanical testing.

Piezo-electric high-temperature converters can be made to match the component material and sample size in terms of temperature range and intended application technique.