Piezoelectric Thin Films and High Temperature Ultrasound Transducers

General Features

  • Direct piezo effect: Due to external deformation a charge transfer of dipole moments in a piezoelectric material is generated. The resulting charge can be measured – we have the sensoric effect.
  • Inverse piezo effect: Expansion of the piezo material by an outer electric field.


Piezoelectric Thin Films

The 2 μm thick piezoelectric (PZT) sol-gel coatings on metallic sheets with 0.02 – 0.4 mm thickness are mechanically and chemically robust as well as very flexible. Bending radius of 5 mm and large-area coatings thus allow the realization of very low-cost switching strips in the form of steel plates or control panels in (plastic) housing.

High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers

Piezoelectric crystals, embedded in special glass solders and connected with metal leads, can generate ultrasound or record vibrations and ultrasonic emissions of hot (up to 600 °C) components. By the application with glass solder, these corrosion stable transducers can be adapted as structural monitoring system at curved component or test materials.