Examples of Technology


Textile-integrated sensors and actuators


Elastic Textile Pressure Measuring Mat

Flexible and elastic dielectric silicone sensors (DES) are excellently suited for integration into textiles.


Pressure Monitoring Stockings for Diabetics

Patients with diabetes often have nerve and circulatory disorders in their feet so that their pain sense is reduced. If their shoe is too tight or produces pressure marks, they don’t feel it.Even small uneven spots or the pressure of the shoe can thus lead to open wounds or damage the foot tissue.


Gesture Control

For travel comfort, vehicle seats must meet ergonomic needs. A selection of seat position and inclination options and other features help drivers adjust their seats to individual requirements.



With the project DEGREEN the Fraunhofer ISC enters new ways of using renewable energies. With the support of the research project DEGREEN the Bavarian State promotes pioneer technologies for the energy turnaround. The Center Smart Materials CESMA develops new technologies for efficient, environmentally friendly energy conversion by using dielectric elastomer generators (DEG ).