Textile-integrated Sensors and Actuators

Intelligent clothing with integrated functions like the monitoring of movement sequences or detection of appearing compression or the actuator or electrically induced triggering of some kind of signal or other response are of interest in a wide variety of very different applications. In the health, sports and fitness sectors, they allow to professionally check body positions or the fitting of shoes and insoles for correctness. Also, games and sports appliances can benefit from such monitoring options.

The development of a prototype sensitive measuring stocking that enables diabetes patients to monitor pressure loads of their feet gave CeSMa the idea to tackle the next goals:

  • To stimulate nerves in support of pain relief efforts or to promote the regeneration of nerve damage
  • To render muscle training more effective
  • To check feet positions for correctness

Material base:
Silicones with specifically adapted properties

  • Highly elastic
  • Washable, hygienically harmless
  • Robust


To enable sensor and actuator properties, the material has to be conductive for current electrodes. CeSMa is using a self-developed procedure for this. Dielectric elastomer sensors (DES) which are very elastic and provided with highly flexible electrodes on both sides can measure elongation or pressure. The films and pads can easily be integrated into textiles or fabrics just by gluing them in. And they stay in place even under extreme mechanical stress. Such silicone structures are:

  • inexpensive
  • stretchable by up to 100 percent
  • geometrically adaptable

Video Textile-integrated sensors and actuators

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