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Pressure Sensing Mat

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Pressure sensing mat.

The flexible and stretchable dielectric silicone sensors (DES) can be excellently integrated into textile substrates. By a freely determinable arrangement of many small sensor points, it is possible to realize an individual measuring surface with a high spatial resolution.


Pressure sensing mat

Textile-integrated sensors and actuators

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Vest with integrated posture sensors.

The monitoring of movement and pressure load as well as the actuator- or electrical triggering of signals or stimuli on the clothing or clothing components may be interesting for different applications. In sports and fitness, they can be used to control proper posture, for optimal fit of shoes and insoles, or for support in play and sports equipment.


textile integrated sensors and actuators

Pressure measuring sock for diabetics

© K. Selsam, Fraunhofer ISC
Pressure measuring sock for diabetics.

Patients with diabetes often suffer from nerve and circulatory disorders on their feet and their pain sensation is reduced. In the truest sense of the word, they do not feel the pressure of their shoes. Even small uneven areas or the pressure of the shoe on the foot can lead to open wounds or tissue damage.


Pressure measuring sock

Load measurement for better workplace ergonomics

© K. Selsam für Fraunhofer ISC
Textile-integrated sensor technology warns of incorrect loading.

Smart Materials can be used in topics such as mobility, production and lifestyle. But they also have enormous potential for the health sector.


measurement for workplace ergonomics

Shoe insoles with pressure sensors

Shoe inlay pressure sensors
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Elastic insoles with dielectric elastomer sensors.

Elastic shoe insoles with integrated pressure sensors can significantly shorten therapy after knee or hip operations.


insoles with pressure sensors