Gesture Control

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Truck seat with gesture control.

To achieve optimum comfort, the ergonomically correct design and shape of the seat cushions is of great importance. Numerous adjustment and comfort functions make it possible for the driver to adapt the seating position as well as parts of the contouring to his individual needs and physical conditions.

The observation to professional drivers shows that the correct seat adjustment for the respective person is only made correctly if all setting functions are known, familiar and intuitive to use.

The new operating concept is characterized by a functionality that is familiar to users from their everyday living environment: non-contact communication with technical devices by means of intuitively familiar gestures. This is a solution for man-machine communication realized, which is easy to learn and safe to use. Daily operation eliminates elements that can be damaged or contaminated. In addition, with frequent driver changes by simple movements, the storage of an individual seat positioning can be realized and retrieved. For the seat and vehicle designer, additional freedom is provided by the elimination of controls.