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Some properties, such as optical, ferroelectric or mechanical properties amongst others cannot easily be achieved by organic or hybrid polymers. Often, the synthesis of nanocomposites (polymer matrix and inorganic (nano) materials, such as e.g. particles) offer an established solution to overcome these limitations.

For many applications, well specified particles can be commercially supplied but, by experience, particle properties might deviate from the supplier’s description or are not offered according to the required specification.
In consequence, for special applications, CeSMA (in cooperation with the ISC department “Particle Technology”) has developed proprietary synthesis routes in order to better control the particle’s properties and to ensure the required quality. Optical particles to increase refractive indices, ferroelectric particles to adjust the ferroelectric behavior of piezopolymers or silver nanowires were developed or modified by functionalization.

These inorganic nanomaterials are introduced into tailored polymeric matrix materials that provide patternability, elasticity or enable one to work with inorganic materials at low temperatures