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Scientific Publications

  • Böse, H. Liu, J.:
    Smart elastomer based liquid level sensors with capacitive and resistive measuring principles.
    Proc. SPIE, Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) Vol. 11375 (2020) 113750S 1-13

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    Lasers Manuf. Mater. Process. (2020)

  • Lang, K., Klein, M., Domann, G. and Löbmann P.:
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    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology (2020)

  • Macher, S., Schott, M., Sassi, M., Beverina, L., Posset, U., and Löbmann, P.:
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    Adv.Funct.Mater. 30 (2020) 1906254.

  • Steenhusen, S., Klein, M., Räder, A., Reif, M., Kemper, F., Beckert, E., Domann, G.:
    Optical materials and processes for the 21st century
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  • Brunner, B., Righi, M.-L.:
    Dehnbare Sensoren für smarte Textilien
    Technische Textilien 1 (2019), pp. 24-25

  • Ehrlich, J., Brunner, B.:
    Poster „Dielectric Elastomer Generator at small rivers“
    Euro-EAP Conference
    Dresden, June 4–6, 2019

  • Hong, M.P., Sang, Il K., Kim, J.H., Yoon, H.W., Jang, Y.S., Shin, S.M., Ryu, Y., Kim, D.H, Choi, D.K., Rhie, K., Yun, C. J., Kim, J., Cheong, B.H Park, T.S., Park, T., Kim, D.H., Song, J.Y., Kim, Y., Bae, B.S., Kang, I.H., Popall, M., Domann, G., Kim:
    Novel Process Technologies for Stretchable OLED
    Tagungsband, IMID 2019, The 19th Intern. Meeting on Information Display, HICO
    Gyeongju, Korea, August 27–30, 2019

  • Lang, K., Domann, G., Löbmann, P.:
    Transparent thin film heater based on a heat-resistant silver nanowire hybrid composite
    EMR-S Fall Meeting 2019
    Warschau, PL, September, 16–19, 2019

  • Rys, J., Steenhusen, S., Schumacher, C., Cronauer, C., and Daraio, C.:
    Locally addressable material properties in 3D micro-architectures
    Extreme Mechanics Letters, 28 (2019) 31 - 36 ISSN: 2352-4316

  • Stadlober, B., Groten, J, Schäffner, Ph., Zirkl, M., Tschepp, A., Adler, M.,  Abu Ali, T.,  Amon, C., Belegratis, M., Maurer, D., (Joanneum Research); Collin, D., Domann, G. (ISC):
    Ferroelectric Polymer Sensors for Flexible Electronics
    Organic&Hybrid Sensors and Bioelectronics XII, part of SPIE Organic Photonics + Electronics 2019

  • Stier, S.:
    Multimodal and spatially resolved dielectric elastomer sensors and their application in robotics
    EuroEAP 2019
    Dresden, June 4–6, 2019

  • Stier, S.:
    Multimodale und integrierte Elastomersensorik
    In: Martin Wiedemann und Tobias Melz (Hg.): Smarte Strukturen und Systeme.
    Tagungsband des 4SMARTS-Symposiums May, 22.-23.,2019, Darmstadt
    1. Auflage. Düren: Shaker, pp. 117-128

  • Suresh Nair, S., Heinrich, A., Klein, M., Steenhusen, S.:
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    San Francisco, February,  2–7, 2019

  • Wesang, K., Hohnholz, A., Jahn, R., Steenhusen, S., Löbmann, P.:
    Systematic Comparison of Thermal Annealing and Laser Treatment of TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Processing
    Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing, 6 (2019) 387-397

  • Ziegler, J., Steenhusen, S.:
    Poster: „Micro actuators based on dielectric and magnetoactive elastomers“, 1st Advanced Therapies Science Meeting RESTORE
    Berlin, November, 25–26, 2019

  • Ziegler, J., Heinrich, K., Uhl, D.:
    Postervorstellung: Development and characterization of conductive silicone rubber for electro active polymer generators silicone rubber for electro active polymer generators.
    Euro EAP 2018, Lyon, France, June 5–6, 2018

  • Ziegler, J.:
    Silicone rubber for energy harvesting: material and process development and testing of dielectric elastomers.
    world silicone summit, Milano, November 28, 2018

  • Ehrlich, J.
    Powering Electro Active Polymer Generators with a Constant Voltage Modus using passive components.
    Euro EAP 2017, Cartagena (Spain), June 6–7, 2017

  • Brunner, B.:
    Elastomergeneratoren zur autonomen dezentralen Stromversorgung. Fachmagazin Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe 3 (2016) 167-169
  • Brunner, B.:
    Wenn der Schuh drückt - Textilsensoren für orthopädische Anwendungen. Orthopädie Technik 11 (2016) 40-41
  • Brunner, B., Amberg-Schwab, S.:
    Smarte, multifunktionale Textilien für Gesundheit und Arbeitsschutz. Printausgabe von TEXTIL Plus 5 (2016) 14-16