Particle Analytics

Exemplary Particle Distribution
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Exemplary particle distributions (volume & number) depending on the particle size
Zeta Potential
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Exemplary measurement of Zeta Potential and conductivity depending on pH-value

With many years of experience in particle analytics, CeSMA offers the following particle size and shape analysis methods:


  • Particle size analysis
    • Particle diameter 10 nm to 2 mm by laser diffraction
    • Particle diameter 5 nm to 10 µm by ultrasonic absorption and/or electroacoustic measurement in concentrated samples
    • Particle diameter 0.3 nm to 10 µm by dynamic light scattering
  • Particle shape analysis by dynamic image analysis: particle diameter 5 μm to 1 mm
  • ZETA – Potential analysis by electroacoustic measurement and Laser Doppler Micro-electrophoresis: ZETA potential and conductivity of dispersion of charged particles depending on the pH value


The following measuring devices are used for this:

  • Microtrac MRB: Type Bluewave + Type SIA
  • Colloidal Dynamics: Type Acoustosizer IIs
  • Malvern: Type Zetasizer Nano ZS
Microtrac MRB
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Microtrac MRB: Bluewave with SIA
Particle shape analysis
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Exemplary particle shape analysis
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Colloidal Dynamics: Acoustosizer IIs