Hybridpolymer Composites

Although inorganic-organic hybrid polymers can be adapted at the molecular level to different applications over a wide range, the addressable property space can be extended by adding fillers, nanoparticles or nanowires to the material. The hybrid polymer can provide assorted chemical functionalities to chemically bind the nanomaterials to the hybrid polymer matrix material. Further, the composites can benefit from the processing properties and high stabilities of inorganic-organic hybrid polymer.

Commercially available nanoparticles can be used as well as special developed nanoparticles at Fraunhofer ISC.

At CeSMA, composites have been developed in order to realize

  • Optical materials with high refractive index (n>1.6)
  • Dielectric materials with high k values
  • Dielectric materials with low CTE or increased thermal conductivity
  • Electrically conductive materials based on Ag Nanowires
  • Encapsulation materials containing converter materials for LED applications