Silicone Elastomers

Liquid precursor of a silicone elastomer.
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Liquid precursor of a silicone elastomer.

Standard silicones are usually not suitable for various classes of smart materials, such as dielectric and magnetorheological elastomers. CeSMA has extensive expertise in the development of special silicone formulations based on liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for the adjustment of special mechanical, electrical, dielectric or magnetic properties and offers tailor-made material solutions for special applications based on standard raw materials.

With appropriate modifications, silicone elastomers can also be made electrically conductive by means of various conductive particles. Furthermore, the dielectric constant can be increased by incorporating fillers or by chemical modification, and silicone elastomers can also be made magnetizable by magnetic particles.

The following material parameters can be adjusted:

  • Processing (pot life, viscosity)
  • Mechanical properties (Young’s modulus, hardness, viscoelastic properties, fatigue strength)
  • Electrical properties (conductivity, dielectric strength)
  • Optical properties (transparency, colour)
  • Magnetic properties (permeability)


  • Development of individual silicones for customer-specific applications
  • Material adaptation / Silicone analysis
  • Development of new processes for production and processing
  • Process optimization to save material and production costs