Project FLINGO

Functional Inorganic Layers for Next Generation Optical Devices

sol-gel-matrix YAG:Ce phosphor particles
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YAG:Ce phosphor particles embedded in sol-gel matrix

Matrix materials for phosphor particles in LED chips

Modern LED lighting is usually based on GaN chips that emit blue light. Their spectrum is converted into white light by ceramic phosphor particles. For this purpose these fluorescent substances are embedded in a silicone matrix and applied to the LED.

During operation, however, these silicones turn yellow due to local heat development and the color impression of the light changes. For this reason, sol-gel materials with a significantly reduced proportion of organic groups were used. These resins are suitable for the incorporation of YAG:Ce particles and the production of corresponding composite layers on commercial LED chips.

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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Germany / Picosun Oy, Finland / UNINOVA, Portugal / Universität Vilnius, Lithuania