UV Lithography

UV lithography is a well established method to create 2 dimensional patterns with a very high resolution.

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CeSMA uses I-line lithography within a cleanroom environment in order to pattern in-house developed hybrid polymers. These materials behave as a negative resist material and are applied as functional photo-resist. Variations for positive resist materials were also developed. Inorganic-organic hybrid polymers can additionally be used as sacrificial photo resist when special (dry) etching properties are demanded. These dry etching properties can be adjusted by ratio and selection of inorganic and organic part in the materials.

CeSMA processes these materials on substrates up to 6“. The process can be performed free of oxygen in order to prevent inhibition reactions in some kind of materials

Beside of hybrid polymers, all kinds of photoresist materials can be patterned. CeSMA uses this process also for lift-off technique in order to pattern sputtered metals.