Haptic Actuators

Rotary knob with haptic feedback.
© Fraunhofer ISC
Rotary knob with haptic feedback.

Haptic feedback can be generated very advantageously with various classes of smart materials in a variety of ways. Soft materials such as smart fluids and elastomers (smart soft materials) play a special role here. In haptics, one differentiates between kinesthetic effects, the perception of forces by the user's hand, and tactile effects that are perceived locally with the finger. Smart materials provide solutions for both types of haptic effects. Kinesthetic effects force-related haptics, can be easily generated by the stiffening of Magnetorheological Fluids. Dielectric Elastomers and Magnetorheological Elastomers are particularly suitable for tactile feeling.


  • Haptic effects and their requirements
  • Smart materials for creating haptic effects
  • Correlations of material effects and haptic effects
  • Construction of Haptic Actuators


  • Conception of Haptic Actuators with smart materials
  • Production of smart materials for Haptic Actuators
  • Development of Haptic Actuators / Demonstrators
  • Testing technology for Haptic Actuators