Seat Sensors

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Seat sensors.

Due to their soft consistency and flexibility, dielectric or capacitive elastomer pressure sensors can be advantageously integrated into seat cushions. With an arrangement of several sensors on the seat, so the pressure distribution of a seated person can be detected. In this case, a large number of sensors is controlled by a microprocessor. Since the capacitance measurement is very fast, even dynamic processes can be detected while sitting.


This results in a variety of possible applications of flexible, seat-integrated sensors in the car, in the office and in the hospital. In the vehicle, extensive information about the seat comfort or condition of the driver can be detected. In office chairs, the user can receive feedback on healthy sitting. In a wheelchair, a spatially resolved pressure sensor should detect pressure peaks as well as the long-term effects of critical pressures in good time to prevent dangerous pressure ulcers (decubitus ulcers).