Inorganic-organic hybrid polymers (ORMOCER®s)

Fraunhofer ISC has invented the chemical concept of inorganic-organic hybrid polymers (ORMOCER®s) since 3 decades ( Until today, the versatile chemistry enables us to adjust material properties towards novel properties and to more and more challenging conditions.

In dependence on the chemical composition, inorganic-organic hybrid polymers can be categorized between ceramics, polymers, glasses or silicones. The materials are featured by the ability to be UV-patterned and by high stabilities (chemical, thermal, optical) compared to polymers and silicones.

CeSMA develops inorganic-organic hybrid polymers for application as optical material, waveguide material, dielectrics, passivation, encapsulation and microelectronic packaging materials and special featured  substrates. The materials can also be tuned for special microfluidic applications or to be used as programmable material changing surface properties by external stimuli.


Inorganic-organic hybrid polymers include:

Optical ORMOCER®s

ORMOCER® for electronic applications

Printable ORMOCER®s

ORMOCER®s as matrix material for composites