Center Smart Materials and Adaptive Systems CeSMA

CeSMA - Expertise in smart electromechanical materials for research and industry

The Center Smart Materials and Adaptive Systems CeSMA investigates innovative approaches to realize controllable systems and technological components by means of smart materials. Sensors and actuators, energy harvesters and Human-Machine Interfaces, mechatronic systems such as controllable dampers, clutches, brakes and fixture devices, smart textiles, optoelectronic systems and optical interconnection systems, as well as display technologies and electronic components represent the fields of activities.

We have built up different competences in order to provide the requested knowledge to customers and partners:

  • Strong knowledge in smart materials – from synthesis, formulation to chemical analysis and characterization
  • Processing from 2D to 3D and from sub-µm-scale to Roll-to-Roll technology
  • Simulation and Modelling of technological components tailored and engineered to the respective needs
  • Set-up of technological components in order to leverage the potential of smart materials
  • Integration of technological components into systems including hardware and software engineering, data transfer and interaction with state-of-the-art components.

The objective of our work is the realization of smart components that exploit excellent properties of novel smart materials. This is enabled by a unique interaction between chemists, physicists and electrical, mechanical and materials engineers in the team.
In consequence, we combine novel functionalities with robustness taking into consideration environmental aspects during manufacturing and end-of-life aspects (recycling).


We offer:

  • Contract-based Development of materials and technologies according to the specifications of local and global acting customers
  • Participation in joint research projects
  • Preparation of upcoming technologies by taking up results from academia
  • Consulting and networking

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Press Release / 20.11.2020

European project “Spartacus” launched

Smart sensors for future fast charging batteries


Publication at Optronics, Japan / 10.4.2020

Optical materials and processes for the 21st century

Press Release / 25.9.2020

Battery 2030+:
Large-scale European initiative for battery research starts up

Congress and exhibition / 13.5.2020

IDTechEx 2020

POSTPONED to 2021!!  CeSMA will be exhibiting at IDTechEx 2020 in Berlin. Among other things, we will present functional elastomers which can act as wearable technology in textiles as sensors or actuators.

Membership with EPIC

The Fraunhofer ISC recently became a member of the European Photonic Industry Consortium EPIC, where it contributes its expertise in the field of materials development for optics and photonics.

Press Release of Fraunhofer FORSCHUNG KOMPAKT | Research News / 1.8.2019

Resuscitation mat
simplifies cardiac


Center Smart Materials and Adaptive Systems

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Gerhard Domann

Head of CeSMA

Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC
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Dr. Holger Böse

Chief Scientist CeSMA

Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC
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