Piezoceramic Materials (PZT)

Piezoceramic materials
© K. Dobberke for Fraunhofer ISC
Piezoelectric PZT sensor array

Lead-Zirconium-Titanate (PZT) is the most common piezoceramic material widely used for piezoelectric sensors and actuators. CeSMA is specialized to prepare these materials as (patterned) thin films or fibers. Thin films prepared by wet chemical processing, applied on thermally stable substrates, are used as pressure sensors or arrays. These films have the advantage to be flexible but provide the excellent piezoceramic figures of merit as the bulk material.

Lead-free compositions are also under investigation for film or as nanoparticles. Since the piezoelectric coefficients and/or the Curie temperature are lower, the use of these materials depend on the application envisaged.