Electrical Characterization

For electrical characterization of conductors, semiconductors, dielectrics and particle-filled polymers, CeSMA can offer the following services:

Electrical characterization of conductors
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Characterization of conductive elastomers:

  • Conductivity under linear and radial strain
  • Endurance testing: conductivity under cyclical linear strain
  • 2 point / 4 point measurement using LCR meter


Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy:

  • Determination of capacity, specific conductivity, impedance, permittivity and loss factor
  • Parameters: Frequency range 10-5 to 107 Hz, temperature range -150 °C to approx. 400 °C, voltage up to +/- 500 V)
  • Equipment: Novocontrol, Type Alpha-A Analyzer with Quatro Cryosystem, ZGS Alpha Active Sample Cell and High Voltage Test Interface HVB1000


Characterization of semiconductors:

  • Determination of precise (low) current and voltage (semiconductor) characteristics
  • Parameters: sub-pA level up to 1.05 A DC. / max. voltage 42 V
  • Diodes: 2-wire (non-kelvin) or 4-wire (kelvin) connections
  • Transistors: 2-wire (non-kelvin) connection, drain-current over drain-/gate-voltage
  • Equipment: Keysight Source Measurement Unit B2912 (dual channel) + test fixtures (dark ambient) + triaxial connections