Prism arrangement
© Fraunhofer ISC
Prism arrangement consisting of 15.000 individual microprisms (Height: 30 µm, Size: 60 µm, Pitch: 75 µm)

With Two-Photon Polymerization as a unique technology for the fabrication of arbitrary 3D structures, Fraunhofer ISC can provide application-specific microlens arrays or other arrangements of microoptical elements with freeform surfaces. These optical components reach from regular arrays of spherical lenses to sophisticated patterns of different microoptics.

With extremely high flexibility in the fabrication process, microoptics can be realized on different kinds of substrates, e.g. silicon, glass, metals, and directly on chip, in order to serve a huge variety of applications. The completely free choice of geometry in terms of the single microoptical elements as well as the arrangement of elements even broaden the spectrum of applications. A transfer to mass fabrication is possible by utilizing replication technologies like Nanoimprint.

Lens array aspherical
© Fraunhofer ISC
Large lens array (6.500 lenses; 15 x 10 mm², Ø = 60 µm; 150 µm pitch, ROC = 60 µm)


  • Any geometry …
  • … on any desired position
  • … on (almost) any substrate
  • More than state-of the art precision and surface roughness
2PP Different microoptics CeSMA
© Fraunhofer ISC
Demonstration of different microoptical elements on the same substrate

Capabilities of Fraunhofer ISC       

  • Computer design of customer-specific microoptical components
  • Fabrication on small to medium scales
  • Fabrication of master structures for imprint technologies
  • Feasibility studies on microoptical solutions for almost any application scenario
  • Optical design
  • Characterization of fabricated components

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