Dielectrics and Insulators

Wet chemical processable low-k and high-k insulators for high-frequency applications, power electronics and stretchable electronics

Thin film capacitors
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Thin film capacitors with flexible and thermal stable ORMOCER® dielectric on elastomer substrate

Since electronic systems are used in all areas in the meantime - from biologic systems to energy systems and from everyday items to highly specialized objects – the requirements on dielectric materials increase. While resistivity and dielectric strength / breakdown voltages are main specifications, thermal stability, mechanical properties, biological compatibility, etc. draw more and more attention in dependence on the field of use of the device. The importance of tailored dielectrics and insulators is often neglected since focus is on active materials, such as semiconductors. However when reliability, processing and application is considered in detail, many potential dielectric and insulating materials are not able to meet the complete list of specifications.

CeSMA provides tailored dielectrics based on wet-chemical processable and photo-patternable hybrid polymers (ORMOCER®s), silicones, silanes, or Sol-Gel materials in dependence on the specification profile.

Properties such as permittivity, processability, thermal conductivity, hardness/softness, passivation properties, adhesion to defined surfaces etc. can be adjusted. The materials do not swell in humid conditions (compared to polyimide).

The materials can be used as gate dielectrics for organic or metal-oxide TFTs, interlayer dielectrics, passivation materials for power electronics, flexible/stretchable electronics, transparent electronics and encapsulation material.


Our competences

  • Adjustment of dielectric materials towards defined specifications and envisaged processing schemes
  • Characterization of dielectric materials by impedance spectroscopy, leakage current measurements, dielectric strengths, thermal stability and mechanical stability and compatibility to other materials
  • Build-up of thin/thick film capacitors and transistors as test specimen

Our offer

  • Development of tailor made dielectrics and insulators
  • Consulting for commercial available dielectric materials
  • Characterization of commercial available, proprietary or in-house developed dielectric material
  • Formulation of dielectric material towards certain process techniques
  • Licensing of dielectric materials protected by Fraunhofer