Micro and power electronics

In the last decade, microelectronic components and processes were designed towards the application and were miniaturized, higher integrated, also on unconventional substrates (WLP) and applied in harsher conditions. All materials and processes had to be modified in order to adjust to the new assemblies, processing schemes and application scenarios. Often, thermal stability, encapsulation properties, reliability and performance of conventional used materials do not fulfill the new requirement.

Additionally, power electronics as important component in energy supply systems, ask for high voltage and ampacity that increase the requirement on reliability issues.


CeSMA develops different types of wet-chemical, processable materials that adapt these new specifications, such as dielectric and passivation materials for power electronics, concepts for electronic materials processed by additive manufacturing methods, or electronic materials that can be used in stretchable or foldable devices.


Passivation Layers

Assembled board for automotive application
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Passivation, thin film encapsulation, and potting materials for electronics


Passivation layers

Printed Electronics

SUPERSMART project Paper-based printed sensors
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Printable dielectrics and passivation materials based on crosslinkable hybrid polymers


Printed electronics

Dielectrics and Insulators

Thin film capacitors
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Wet chemical processable low-k and high-k insulators for high-frequency applications, power electronics and stretchable electronics


Dielectrics + Insulators

Stretchable Printed Circuits

Elastic and stretchable conductive tracks
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Materials and processes for the realization of elastic and stretchable conductive tracks


Stretchable Printed Circuit