Nanoimprint Lithography

Nanostructures are an enabler for a broad variety of applications. A convenient way to manufacture them on large scales is nanoimprint technology, in which a polymer replica is fabricated from a particular master structure.

Fraunhofer ISC provides expertise in the design fabrication of imprint stamps (mastering) and in the utilization of nanoimprint lithography using commercial master patterns in combination with hybrid-polymer based imprint resists. With this technology, large-area 2.5 dimensional nanopatterns with features sizes down to 75 nm can be generated in a cost-effective and reliable way.



Determination of structural parameters using AFM.
LHS: 3D image of honeycomb pattern.
RHS: Cross-section revealing sub-100 nm line width and 180 nm height.



SEM images of honeycomb pattern fabricated in ORMOCER®.
Line width is 75 nm.