Piezoelectric Materials

Piezoceramic materials
© K. Dobberke for Fraunhofer ISC
Electrode array on piezoelectric thin film.

Piezoelectric materials can be used as sensors since they provide electric charges when pressure, shear stress or bending is applied. Piezoceramic materials based on PZT are commonly used in everyday applications and commodities. However, novel components rely on special kind of piezoelectric materials.

Thin films, printed piezoelectric materials, piezoelectric particles, µ-structured piezomaterials as well as piezoceramics that work at elevated temperatures are in focus of actual research:


In special applications, piezoelectric materials can be used as actors exploiting the inverse piezoelectric effect.

Some piezoelectric materials also show a pyroelectric effect. This effect generates charges by change of temperature. This effect can be used for proximity sensors.

The family of piezoelectric materials is an important component in the know-how of CeSMA about electro-mechanical materials. The application of these materials in novel technological components and systems is one of the core competences that is shared with partners and customers.