Smart Elastomers

Smart Fluids

Piezoelectric Materials


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The basis of innovative sensors, actuators, generators and dampers with intelligent materials lies in the development of electrically or magnetically controllable functional materials - smart elastomers, piezoelectrics and suspensions with variable rheological properties. Our expertise makes it possible to generate customer-taylored solutions with regard to the required range of properties, processing and costs.

Silicone, as a modern high-tech elastomer material, plays a special role because it has great potential in the combination of technically significant properties such as temperature range, chemical stability, optical transparency, processability and, last but not least, surface quality/haptics. 

Electro- and magnetorheological fluids are developed and manufactured with regard to the specific system requirements, characterized electrically and rheologically and mechanically tested in functional samples. Piezoelectric high-temperature transducers can be adapted to the component material and specimen shape, regarding to the desired operating temperature range and application. Typical temperature ranges are up to about 600 °C. 

The following classes of materials are developed at CeSMA for research and industry

Smart Fluids

Piezoelectric High
Temperature Materials