Load Measurement for better Workplace Ergonomics

© K. Selsam für Fraunhofer ISC
Textile-integrated sensor technology warns of incorrect loading.

Smart Materials can be used in topics such as mobility, production and lifestyle. But they also have enormous potential for the health sector.

The load measurement for improved ergonomics at the workplace, which is being developed together with Ms. Julia Danckwerth at the Weissensee Art Academy in Berlin, is to use these smart materials for prevention and therapy.

The aim is to realize a textile with integrated dielectric elastomer sensors (DES), which recognizes stressful back posture and informs the user acoustically and visually. This makes a comfortable warning system possible for sedentary or physically demanding physical work.

Read more about the Project Physiognomia by Julia Danckwerth.

Video: Physiognomia

Source: Youtube

In the video by Julia Danckwerth, different areas of application for further development are presented.