Fair  /  April 19, 2023  -  April 21, 2023

Optics & Photonics International Exhibition: OPIE 2023

Join our booth C-32-8 (German Pavilion) at OPIE 2023 in Japan for an informative exchange on our superior optical polymers and corresponding process techniques for optical and opto-electronic applications.

We will present our latest developments in the field of micro-optical elements. Therefore, we use inorganic-organic hybrid polymers as well as two-photon polymerization to produce free-form optics, lenses, gratings, prisms and microlens arrays.

We will also demonstrate our capabilities to fabricate macroscopic elements such as illumination optics by 3D printing with highly transparent hybrid polymers. The optical elements can be combined with printed baffle structures, mirrors, or scattering layers but also with conductive lines or integrated light sources, such as LED.

Our high-temperature optics are fabricated using printable polymer-based materials followed by annealing steps and maintain their thermal stability at over 400°C.

You are welcome to contact our colleagues in advance and arrange an appointment at our stand.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!




PDF 3D printing with functional materials

PDF Laser processing of glass and polymers for optical applications

PDF Materials for optical packaging

PDF Nanoscaled Materials for optical applications

PDF Two Photon Polymerization for 3D structures

PDF Two Photon Polymerization for optical data transfer

PDF Two Photon Polymerization for applications in microoptics

PDF Two Photon Polymerization for applications in biomedicine

PDF Low-cost color sensors