Sensor Glove

Glove with dielectric elastomer sensors.
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Glove with dielectric elastomer sensors.

Dielectric elastomer sensors with their soft and flexible structure can be integrated very well in textiles. Thus, such capacitive elastomer pressure sensors can be incorporated, for example, in the fingertips of gloves. They measure the pressure exerted by the glove wearer with his fingers during various activities. In particular, the forces necessary for gripping objects are thereby detected. Other pressure sensors that measure the pressure distribution when holding an object can also be installed on the palm of the glove.

The detection of gripping forces with capacitive elastomer pressure sensors can also be used in robotics. In this way, robotic grippers acquire the sensitivity of how strongly an object to be gripped is compressed. This prevents sensitive objects from being damaged. A continuation of this development is the detection of shear forces in the gripper to prevent the object from slipping out of the gripper.

Dielectric strain sensors on the outside of the finger record finger posture and are thus very well suited for VR/AR applications. The very soft and elastic sensors can also provide data from the hand in the gaming sector or for recording finger posture during gripping processes in ergonomic issues.

Video Sensor Glove (German Version)

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